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With an official opening act on 5 April 2024 at Kunsthaus Wien, the first Vienna Climate Biennale started its 100 day long festival program. CircEUlar is among the scientific partners of the Biennale, providing content on the potential of circular economy strategies to combat climate change. The Biennale opening was attended by representatives of the Vienna-based project partners IIASA and BOKU. 

In preparation of the opening, on 25 January 2024, CircEUlar also held a joint networking event with the Vienna Climate Biennale, bringing together artists, policy makers, representatives of businesses and civil society and researchers from different disciplines tackling the climate crisis. Held at the BOKU’s Institute for Social Ecology (SEC), the evening began with a brief introduction by the CircEUlar project partners and Biennale colleagues, after which people were encouraged to move about the space and engage with some of the materials brought, displaying advances in the field of climate science and circular economy. The networking event was attended by some 80 people.  

At the Vienna Climate Summit on 24/25 June 2024 the CircEUlar project will present some of its findings, mediated through the lens of artists. Under the title Sensing Resonance, Nora Mayr curates for the Vienna Climate Biennale 2024 meetings between four groups of researchers from CircEUlar with the artists Imayna Caceres, Barbara Kapusta, Julian Palacz and Borjana Ventzislavova. The results of this four-month collaborative process will be presented during the Climate Summit at Kunsthaus Wien.