image: Screeshot from the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform serves as a dynamic hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders  in achieving a more circular economy. By bringing together a wide range of actors, including businesses, policy makers, NGOs, researchers and citizens, the platform facilitates the exchange of best practices, innovative ideas and lessons learned. 

As part of this commitment to promoting sustainable practices and sharing knowledge, CircEUlar has been included in the “Good Practice” section, marking it as an example of a successful circular economy project. This opens up valuable opportunities for increased visibility and stakeholder engagement.   

Joining the platform allows the project to showcase its achievements, attract a wider audience and foster collaboration to increase its positive impact on the circular economy. Furthermore, the tools available on the platform (e.g. EU Circular Talk, News & Events section, Toolbox, etc.) provide the CircEUlar project with a medium to present its ongoing results and insights, thus increasing the project’s reach. 

In the project implementation of the communication and exploitation strategy, capitalising available resources for disseminating project outcomes – such as the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform – is crucial to effectively increase the visibility of the outcomes, maximise project impact and drive meaningful change. 

By Sara Dorato & Katja Firus – T6 Ecosystems